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Copied from Household:

an armoury where the public are welcome to handle replica arms and armour
a combat arena where displays of feats of arms take place at regular intervals
displays of 12th century ranged weaponry: longbows, crossbows
embroidery, tablet weaving, maille making, fletching, period games and much more
authentically furnished tents ranging from the basic sleeping arrangements of the foot soldiers to the comfort and opulence of the Norman nobles' quarters
a kitchen where period food is prepared using authentic utensils, methods and ingredients
Arming the Knight demonstrations explaining the different elements of a knight's clothing and armour as he is dressed for battle
educational talks on a wide range of 11th and 12th century topics

Copied from DoC:

What Do We Provide?

  • Public liability insurance.

  • Public Announcement (PA) system.

  • Tournament arena with air-gap and safety signage.

  • Armoury display with show and tell.

  • Four time-served knights each with a supporting household.

  • Herald.

We Can Also Provide:

  • Roped-off historical camp site.

  • Coin striking.

  • Have a go archery.

Feel free to ask us about anything not included in this list.  We may be able to accommodate your request.

We Are Passionate About What We Do

We understand the importance of providing a high quality, entertaining and exciting show for the public, and we train regularly to ensure we can meet this expectation.

Our travelling knights tournament consists of four opposing households, each comprised of a leading knight, serjens-at-arms, and levies. 

You will see a variety of weapons used in our combat displays, including sword and shield, falchion, mace, axe and spear.  We also have a team of skilled archers who can provide a competitive archery display.

We provide a supervised show-and-tell armoury where people can feel of the weight of weapons and armour, and even try on a few helmets.

Our members wear clothing, use weapons and armour, and provide tents, that are accurate recreations of 13th century artefacts.

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