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Vanguard Reenactment

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13th Century Medieval Reenactment

Who are Vanguard?

Knight in sugarloafhelme and surcoat

Founded by William Mckenzie, himself a seasoned re-enactor, Vanguard is a medieval battle re-enactment group based in the North East. We operate out of Hartlepool but enjoy battle events throughout the UK.

Of course, the group is always happy to accept new members and friends into the group.

Medieval Warriors
Knight Tournament

What does Vanguard do?

Knight Fights Sergeant and Levy

The group re-enacts the battles and combat of the medieval period, for the most part taking up the arms and armour of 13th century England - specifically at the turn of the century during the 1290's.


Primarily, members are pitted against each other in Household Tourneys; Knights step forth onto the tournament field with their Levies and Serjeants following under their banner. It is in this field they gain recognition for their victories.

However, Vanguard, following their namesake, will turn and stand shoulder-to-shoulder and fight on the forefronts of the battle lines from different periods - ranging from 1066, with the infamous Norman invasion of England at the Battle of Hastings, to 1314, with the Battle of Bannockburn in which Robert the Bruce won independence for Scotland.

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Medieval sergeants fighting
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