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Joining as a Combatant

You may well be happy to know that you're not thrown into the deep end with Vanguard - we'll make sure you're trained up and familiar with our members before you're thrust into the front lines of a battle or seek out glory in the tournament ground!

Practice Sessions

To make sure Vanguard is the best it can be we practice every week on a Sunday afternoon, 2:30pm-4pm, at the West Rugby Club, Hartlepool.


Here we find a somewhat relaxed environment where our members can train, try out new strategies, get used to weapons and armour, but also laugh. Given we meet weekly we really are a group that enjoys each other's company and are enthusiastic about welcoming new members to the hobby and to the group!

On your first day, you needn't bring anything but yourself (and advised is a bottle of water to keep you hydrated). Comfortable clothes are recommended, though whether it's jeans or joggers it really is up to the individual.

All weapons and protective gear are provided, but if you'd prefer to bring extra that's more than fine. E.g. shin/elbow pads - historically accurate or sports-wear is fine!

We have experienced trainers who will walk you through the basics of the combat system, and allow you time to become accustomed to the kit. Once you've trained you'll be put into the rest of the group to have fun and begin competitive training!

Whilst it's not necessary, many prefer to get in touch with us before they turn up for their first practice session - you can do this either by messaging the Facebook page (hyperlink attached) or through our email address,

Map of the training area
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