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The Retinue

The Knights of Vanguard act as Council to Lord Frederick, voting on group matters.

View a knight's portfolio by clicking their picture or their name.

Knight in chainmal

the Formidable

A seasoned veteran and founding member, Sir Frederick is the Lord of Vanguard and has decades of battle and tournament experience under his belt.

Frederick is the lead patron of Vanguard's tournaments.

Beware an old man in a profession where men die young.

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the Valiant

The second-born son to Lord Frederick, Sir Thomas fights with honour, dignity and chivalry as he careers from tournament to tournament to earn his own prestige.

He acts as knight-marshal to Lord Frederick and fights through the tourney with his renowned Sword-of-War.


the Merciless

Fighting with his unique choice of dual swords, Sir Duncan grants no mercy to those who fall to his twin blades.

He favours his homegrounds of Durham Castle to host his tournaments.


the Butcher

Sir Henry earned his nickname 'the Butcher' from a series of tournament melees and was knighted for his ruthlessness against the enemy at the Battle of Lewes.


the Young

A fledgling knight, Sir Jasper is an accomplished duellist who uses the manuals of master swordsmen to guide his hand-and-a-half sword to victory.

Sir Jasper is also as comfortable in the workshop as he is in the field, crafting and maintaining Vanguard's entire armoury.

Knight in sugarloaf helmet

the Vicious

A dominant presence on the battlefield, Sir Frederick II fights with malice and commands with iron discipline, as seen when he commanded the baronial infantry in the Battle of Lewes and Battle of Evesham.

Sir Frederick had once taken his father's mantle as Lord of Vanguard for a time.

Red and white knight

the Phoenix Knight

Rising from the ashes of defeat after the unsuccessful rebellion in the 2nd Baron's War, The Battle of Evesham, Sir John currently finds himself crusading on foreign shores.

Knight in surcoat

Sir William

the Unbroken

The original Lord of  Vanguard and since retired from the fields of the tourney, Sir William was never bested in single combat. He is the only knight to maintain an unbroken tournament record.

His final duel was on the fields of Corbridge where he toppled the vicious Sir Frederick II.

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