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Living History

Living History is the element of the re-enactment that really brings history to life in every aspect. From authentic clothing and materials to authentic meals and cooking methods, it is the living history that, beyond the look into combat, provides a true insight into the lives of our medieval ancestors.


Within reenactment, it is defined as the portrayal of any slice of life outside the context of immediate combat. Moreso, there are the skills and activities to go alongside. This can be the producing of food (baking of breads, churning of butter, brewing of meads and beers), the cooking of meals over wood and coal-burning fires, maintenance/creation of textiles, blacksmithing, fletching, medieval arts and anything else resembling a profession of the medieval world.


Any role you can think of within the 13th century is a role that we hope to one day have manned.


Moreover, we as a group enjoy the opportunity to indulge in the hobby and enthusiasm of the medieval period away from the public events. Yearly banquets and other upcoming projects, like a medieval pilgrimage from castle to castle, are also on our yearly group agenda.


Do you have a skill, or would like to develop one, to share with other reenactors and/or the public? Get in contact with us via Facebook or email, and we'll be happy to get you started with us!

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